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Ohio Cemetery Laws

Preserving cemeteries, in Ohio, is indeed the law!  See the following Ohio Revised Code sections:

#517.21 Abandonment - When a public or private cemetery has been "abandoned," a cemetery board or the Township Trustees may decide to remove the remains buried in that cemetery, but they must provide for the removal of all remains buried in that cemetery, for the removal of all stones and monuments marking the graves, for the re-interment of the remains, and for the re-erection of those stones or monuments in suitable public ground in the near vicinity, all of which shall be paid for from the township treasury.

#2909.05 Vandalism - No person, without privilege to do so, shall knowingly cause serious physical harm to any tomb, monument, gravestone, or other similar structure that is used as a memorial for the dead; to any fence, railing, curb, or other property that is used to protect, enclose or ornament any cemetery; or to a cemetery.  Whoever violates this section is guilty of vandalism.  "Cemetery" means any place of burial.

#2927.11 Desecration - No person, without privilege to do so, shall purposely deface, damage, pollute, or otherwise physically mistreat any of the following: Any historical or commemorative marker or any structure, Indian mound or earthwork, cemetery or site of great or historical or archaeological interest.  "Cemetery" means any place of burial.

The goal of the Medina County Cemetery Preservation Society is to protect our cemeteries.  We believe that they are sacred and historic sites to be preserved.  They contain the remains of our earliest settlers - those who came to the "wilderness" that became Ohio - and they are in need of protection for many different reasons.  They are threatened by the weather, by time, and by something even more dangerous - man.  Help us to preserve the last resting places of those who came before us by telling us when you know of a threatened cemetery.

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